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lundi 1er octobre 2012

Workshop members

Facilitate access to inputs workshop members and non-members.
ANATRAF opened a central purchasing, sales and distribution which sells at a price lower than the prevailing market inputs for production.
Glass jars 12 oz and 16 oz bottles, glass bottles of 350 ml and 700 ml, material quality control. In this plant sales, workshops can also provide their products on consignment.

Technical capacity through training.
These courses are given in Technical fruit processing, accounting, management and marketing. Educational materials, training booklets are produced for the benefit of the workshops.

Canvassing products workshops.

This is done mainly at fairs, the central purchase and sale and supermarkets. Support and advice on developing new products, enhancing local distribution, access to formal market, export sales prospecting, Fair Trade. Although each workshop has its own label, but they all have the same format and the same background, a way to create an image of the products of workshops that are members.

Advisory support closer

The provision of the technical workshops with specific skills to support workshops in their building process

Establishment of a quality system to be used as reference in the fruit processing in Haiti for the establishment of standards.

Research and development. Memories of graduation Agronomy, Food Technology specialization products are needed in the workshops. These submissions address the real problems of workshops that are practical and make recommendations for the resolution of the problem. New products are also developed in the workshops and / or improved to meet the market demand.

2. Services open to all public
To assist in the flow of its political structure, ANATRAF performs activities generating income by selling services, inputs and equipment to non workshops :
• Training in techniques for processing of agricultural products
• Training in Accounting, and Marketing for Small Businesses agricultural production
• The sale of documents produced by the techniques ANATRAF fruit processing
• for sale material quality control, measuring and production
• The sale of packaging non workshops at a price lower than the prevailing market